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Ceramic coating is a layer of coating highly resistant to chemical etches, bird bombs, and UV damages. Ceramic car coatings offer extreme resistance to environmental impacts from chemicals, both high and low on the PH spectrum. Ceramic Coatings provide an extreme “hydrophobic” layer bonded to your paint that sheds dirt and water far better than waxes and traditional sealants, helping to maintain a cleaner vehicle much longer. This can keep your paint shiny much better than wax and all other wax alternatives.

At Ultimate Coatings & PPF, we provide Ceramic Coating with C Quartz with up to 5-7 years of durability and up to 3 years of manufacturer warranty. We are 1 of 5 shops in Houston authorized to provide this service by C Quartz.

Ceramic Coating can protect against:

- UV Damage

- Oxidation damage

- Bird bombs and its accumulation on your paint

- Excess dirt build up

- Environmental impacts from pH imbalances on your paint

- and more!

At Ultimate Coatings & PPF, every vehicle is washed, deep cleaned, treated for iron contamination, and clayed to remove all bonded surface contamination. At a minimum, every car receives a single step of polishing to prepare the surface for better bonding of the ceramic coating.

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