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Coatings are highly resistant to chemical etches, bird bombs, and UV damages. Ceramic car coatings offer extreme resistance to environmental impacts from chemicals, both high and low on the PH spectrum.

These include bird dropping, tree sap, UV rays that cause oxidation and acid rain. Ceramic coatings block nearly all of the UV spectrum from reaching your cars paint surface, preventing oxidation. It's the oxidation that is most often the culprit for color and gloss fading. Ceramic Coatings provide an extreme “hydrophobic” layer bonded to your paint that sheds dirt and water far better than waxes and traditional sealants, helping to maintain a cleaner vehicle much longer.

CQuartz Ceramic Coatings are far more durable (lasting 3-10 years) than traditional wax and provide the highest level of stain resistance and UV resistance currently available. We are one of only five shops in Houston and less than 100 in North America trained and authorized to install CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve.

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