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How can PPF (clear bra) protect my paint?

Paint Protection Film is a clear, 8 mil thick, flexible adhesive- backed film that is installed on painted areas of a vehicle. This film protects against damage from rocks and debris on roads, while maintaining the originality of your car's paint. Contact us for further questions and we'll be happy to help!

How can I keep my car cooler in the summer?

Ceramic window tint! Xpel manufactures two ceramic tint films, the XRB line of film that has up to 88% IR heat rejection and the XR Plus line of film has up to 98% IR heat rejection. They both have 99% UVA and UVB ray protection to protect your skin as well as your car's interior surfaces along with blocking this Texas summer heat. Contact us today for more questions and we'll be more than happy to help.

Can ceramic coating go over PPF?

Yes! It is best to put ceramic coating on top of PPF. In fact, if we try to put PPF on a ceramic coated car we will have issues with the film sticking properly. Ceramic Coating will help to protect the PPF installed on your car from staining and UV damage.

What should I expect from a professional ceramic coating?

A true professionally installed ceramic coating will outperform in many ways. The preparation and products used along with the quality of polishing work performed, all contribute to the long term performance of the coating on your car. Every vehicle is washed, deep cleaned, treated for iron contamination, and clayed to remove all bonded surface contamination. At a minimum, every car receives a single step of polishing to prepare the surface for better bonding of the ceramic coating.

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