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"We have used Ultimate Ceramic Coatings and PPF to correct paint 3 times on our vehicles. Their work is worth every penny spent. The corrected and ceramic coated paint looked better than expected. Our cars never looked so good. One of the vehicles came out so amazing that we entered it into the arduous Kemah Porsche Concourse and won FIRST PLACE in show because it was so clean! We trusted them with our high end cars and they delivered high end results."

Frank P.

"Steve and his staff did an absolute amazing job on my wife’s car. He always works on high end sport cars & exotics, but took just as much care and detail into my wife’s daily work vehicle. Huge thank you to all of them!!!"

Phil M.

"Great work done to my 2020 Scat Pack Widebody! Steve, the owner, took a lot of extra time answering my questions and providing good directions on how to keep the ceramic coating protecting my car for years. High recommend this shop!"

Athen K.

"Even though my black car was only 2 years old, the paint looked dull and no longer shined even after washing it. It takes a real beating commuting to Houston every day. I finally decided to pull the trigger on a ceramic coat last month and what a difference! It looked so much better than wax and stays clean so much longer. I left it outside overnight and the next day it was covered in pollen. Later that day, it rained and the pollen actually washed off. I was amazed. I picked up a friend I hadn't seen in a few months for lunch and she seriously asked me if I had gotten a new car! I am so impressed with how glossy and smooth the paint feels and water just beads right off it. An unexpected bonus- they coated my rims and they stay clean much longer too!"

Megan R.

"Second time using Ultimate Ceramic Coatings and couldn't be happier!  Two years ago, I found this place and they put ceramic coating on my Z4.  They did such an amazing job that I just took my wife's new BMW I3 there and we did a full front clear bra and then ceramic coating the entire vehicle. The do an impeccable job and care about the customer."

Brad S.

"I had a great experience with Steve and his crew. Car was properly scheduled and completed on time as promised. My expectations were exceeded. Steve and his crew has a true car passion and passion for what they do. I would recommend there service to anyone. True passionate professionals."

Fernando P.

"If your looking for a quality PPF installer and window tinting look no further. Having a brand new C8 and waiting nearly a year to get it, I wanted to have the best install possible so I could show off my new beast. From the start until the finish Steve made sure I was happy and made it clear he wouldn’t stop until I was. Understanding that PPF installation is darn near impossible to get perfect I still expected as close to perfection as possible and Ultimate PPF exceeded my expectations. When it was all said and done Steve made sure every single item was done correctly and looked perfect."

Ferral V.

"I took my 2019 Acura RDX to Ultimate Coatings & PPF for ceramic coating in January.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  The car looks like it came off the showroom floor when it was purchased.
More surprising, since I have had the car coated, I’ve been approached by multiple strangers at my grocery store parking lot to compliment me on my new car.  They all seem surprised to learn it’s 4 year old car with 40,000+ miles!"

Jim S.

"Very thrilled with the work and customer service of Ultimate Ceramic Coatings and PPF.  I had partial PPF, full ceramic, and side window tint completed on my new vehicle and Adam made my car look BETTER than new!I plan on bringing my next vehicles here for similar treatments and highly recommend their shop.  They definitely went above and beyond with the customer care and service.  They are a local business only 5 minutes from my house so it was great to be able to support local as well.."

Adam K.

"Steve and his team did fantastic work on my 2019 mustang! I had brought it to them with extreme fallout from a chemical plant and I was worried that it wouldn't look any better. The car looks fantastic now and I can't even tell after they did a paint correction and cquartz coating, the quality of work , communication and attention to detail was phenomenal. I will definitely recommend them to friends and coworkers!"

Matthew T.

"I was shopping around for someone to install paint protection film, a ceramic coating and window tint on my new car.  There are quite a few shops in the Houston area that perform this kind of work but none of them were as highly recommended as Ultimate Coatings and PPF.  Steve and Kristy were super friendly and communicative.  It was more like the start of a friendship than it was a business transaction.  They kept me updated on the progress and answered all of my endless questions.  I could not be happier with the hard work and attention to detail they put into my car."


Great experience with Steve and his team. Very professional and top notch quality!  Highly recommend Steve and his team!

Huy P.
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How can PPF (clear bra) protect my paint?

Paint Protection Film is a clear, 8 mil thick, flexible adhesive- backed film that is installed on painted areas of a vehicle. This film protects against damage from rocks and debris on roads, while maintaining the originality of your car's paint. Contact us for further questions and we'll be happy to help!

How can I keep my car cooler in the summer?

Ceramic window tint! Xpel manufactures two ceramic tint films, the XRB line of film that has up to 88% IR heat rejection and the XR Plus line of film has up to 98% IR heat rejection. They both have 99% UVA and UVB ray protection to protect your skin as well as your car's interior surfaces along with blocking this Texas summer heat. Contact us today for more questions and we'll be more than happy to help.

Can ceramic coating go over PPF?

Yes! It is best to put ceramic coating on top of PPF. In fact, if we try to put PPF on a ceramic coated car we will have issues with the film sticking properly. Ceramic Coating will help to protect the PPF installed on your car from staining and UV damage.

What should I expect from a professional ceramic coating?

A true professionally installed ceramic coating will outperform in many ways. The preparation and products used along with the quality of polishing work performed, all contribute to the long term performance of the coating on your car. Every vehicle is washed, deep cleaned, treated for iron contamination, and clayed to remove all bonded surface contamination. At a minimum, every car receives a single step of polishing to prepare the surface for better bonding of the ceramic coating.

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