March 23, 2023

XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) aka clear bra...... what is it and how do you know what to get?

PPF is a film that goes on exterior surfaces of the vehicle to protect them from impact damage from road debris that cause scuffs, scratches and rock chips. The film can be installed on paint and non-textured plastics such as head lights and fog lights. It is typically a clear, gloss or matte finish film that will not change the color of the paint. We use XPEL Ultimate Plus, their gloss finish film with a self- healing top coat. They have a few options but the 8 mil film is what XPEL recommends for most vehicles. We also offer their matte or Stealth film and their Black PPF as well.

XPEL has a software system and a design team that will measure panels for each year, make and model of a vehicle, then upload those measurements into the software. We are one of their authorized installers so we have access to this software. When a car comes in, we can choose which panels are being covered and we have a plotter that will cut out the film. This means minimal hand-cutting on your paint. With PPF, the kits have come a long way pertaining to coverage. The kits are meant to wrap around most edges. We personally don't do any disassembly here so the areas we can't fully wrap will get as close to the edge as possible to avoid showing gaps.

XPEL film has excellent clarity and will add to the glossy look of the paint. Their PPF has a 10-year nationwide transferable warranty and it can be removed fairly easily compared to other brands.

If you are looking for something to protect from daily driving on the highway or construction areas, PPF is the way to go. Because it is installed separately by panels, you can choose which panels you'd like covered most. We recommend at least some areas on the front end if not the full front end to protect the main impact areas. From there you can add on anything you'd like, even going up to a full vehicle if you want complete peace of mind. Speaking of protecting everything, windshield protection film is also an option we offer to protect from chips/ cracks. More on that in another post though.

If you are wanting a whole new look to your car but not a color change, XPEL Stealth is the way to go! It will change the complete look of your vehicle but still give you that amazing protection and same warranty as the Ultimate Plus. It will take a day or two longer to install full vehicle because of edge work.

Caring for your PPF is pretty simple too! You want to remove bugs or stains as soon as possible, either by washing or with XPEL Film Cleaner, or an alcohol and water mixture. You'll want to avoid using high pressure water or a pressure washer near the edges as well to avoid lifting/ damage. A ceramic coating on top of the film will make it easier to clean and protect from stains and environmental contaminants.

If you aren't sure what protection package is best for you, stop by the shop and we can help you find the best package for your vehicle protection needs!

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