November 22, 2022

Why Choose CQuartz Ceramic Coatings?

Why Choose CQuartz Ceramic Coatings?

It can be hard to choose a ceramic coating brand with so many different options these days. They all claim to do mainly the same things but how do you know if they do and if you'll get your moneys worth. When talking about professionally installed coatings, I've tried a few different options over the years and this article will explain why I chose to work with CQuartz and have for almost 9 years now.

CarPro C-Quartz Professional Ceramic Coating

I think it's important to ask yourself, and the authorized installer you're looking into having your vehicle professionally coated with, a few questions to help you understand your options. First, how exactly will this coating benefit me? Typically the response is ease of maintenance, stain and UV resistance. Some coatings claim to protect from scratches and that isn't the case for CQuartz. They know that ceramic coatings can help resist scratches over time but can't protect from a scratch like PPF can. Unfortunately they aren't thick enough for impact damage, CQuartz coatings are only a couple microns. Another question I would ask is how long has the company been around. CQuartz has been marketing in North America for over 10 years now so they are not a new brand. I would look at reviews for people that have gotten the same coating you're looking to get, in the same area as you and see how it compares to other products. CQuartz coatings have been tested in all extreme weather to ensure it can perform at its best in the heat of summers in the south or the cold winters up north.

CQuartz, made by CarPro, is one of the most trusted nano ceramic coating brands in the industry for many reasons. They have been in the industry over 10 years and are constantly improving their products to be the best. Their coatings provide extreme gloss and depth in the paint that last years, ease of maintenance, dirt/ dust resistance, and UV and stain resistance. They not only lead the industry with their coatings, they also design and manufacture a line of maintenance products that are easy to use and safe to put on a coated vehicle.

Another thing to consider when choosing a coating brand is who can apply them. CQuartz professional ceramic coatings can only be installed by authorized installers that are approved and trained to prep and install the products. Only a few people get approved because CQuartz takes such pride in their work and the installers must have a certain quality of work and display integrity in everything they do. We are one of 5 authorized installers in the greater Houston area and have been for 8 years. With every CQuartz coating, the vehicle will get properly cleaned and prepped before polishing to ensure any imperfections in the paint are removed prior to coating application.  Correcting and polishing the car will give it that extreme glossy look that everyone thinks of when you mention ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings are solvent based and in order for them to bond to the paint and other surfaces properly, extensive prep work has to be done first.

CQuartz two professional level coatings are CQuartz Professional and CQuartz Finest Reserve. CQuartz PRO has a 3-5 year durability with a one year manufacturer's warranty. CQuartz Finest Reserve has a 5-7 year durability with a two year manufacturer's warranty. Both coatings are applied in multiple layers to add longevity, and then cured under IR heat lamps. I mentioned earlier that ceramic coatings are solvent- based so the solvents have to evaporate out. To create full hardness and full resistance in the coating and to ensure if it rains on the car within the gassing off period of the solvents, usually between 1 day- 1 week, that the coating won't water spot or stain. CQuartz also makes a consumer-available coating, CQuartz UK, that has a 2-3 year durability. This coating is only applied in one layer but it still has amazing stain and UV resistance and gloss. Their durabilities are realistic for vehicles that aren't garage kept or washed every day. We've seen their coatings last longer than the range of durability with proper maintenance.

C.Quartz Pro — Mirrored Image Window Tint and PPF

CQuartz Finest Reserve Chart

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