November 16, 2022

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings have become very popular the past several years and for good reason. We get asked all the time if a ceramic coating is worth it and which one to choose. My personal opinion is that the right ceramic coating is absolutely worth it and this article will explain why and hopefully help you understand the benefits.

So what makes a ceramic coating better than a traditional wax or sealant?

Durability and Protection

Ceramic coatings are much more durable than waxes and sealants that last anywhere from a few weeks up to a year. Ceramic coatings can last many years depending on what level you choose. It's also important to note that how you maintain a ceramic coating can make all the difference in the amount of time it will last. I've seen properly maintained 2 year coatings last well beyond the claimed warranty period and I've also seen poorly maintained 5 year coatings last only a couple years. There are coatings for paint, plastics and trim, wheels, glass and interior so there's protection for almost everything and everyone.

Ceramic coatings also give you a level of protection that waxes and sealants don't offer. They are resistant to scratches but my easy answer is no because people get the wrong idea and confuse ceramic coatings with PPF. Ceramic coatings are only a couple microns thick and cannot keep from scratching the paint. They do have properties in them that can, They have a bit of scratch resistance but are not thick enough to be called scratch proof. Anyone saying a coating is scratch proof is not someone you should trust.

Ease of Maintenance

We all know the feeling after you've just spent a couple hours cleaning your car and you park it outside only to come back an hour later with it covered in a layer of dust. The chemical resistance to dirt and dust will make cleaning your vehicle much easier and stay clean longer. It's like going from a cast iron skillet to a non-stick pan. This means you won't need to be scrubbing on your paint which will also help prevent scratching over time. The hydrophobic properties in a ceramic coating also play a part in making for a much faster wash/ dry time. Typically we see a 40% faster wash from start to finish.

Water Beads From a Car After Coating

UV and Stain Resistance

Ceramic coatings provide extreme UV resistance which plays a huge role in exterior surfaces fading over time. The stain resistance comes in handy as well. The main things that come to mind being in southeast Texas are sap, love bugs and bird droppings. These contaminants can often etch your clear coat if left on the car for an extended period of time. Ceramic coatings will keep these contaminants from bonding and damaging your paint.

Gloss and Shine

Last but not least, the gloss! What everyone thinks of when you tell them you have a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings will bond to the clear coat giving you better results overall. This helps the glossy look last much longer than waxes and sealants. If prep and application are done correctly your vehicle will look extra glossy, be easier to maintain, and be protected from environmental elements! What more could you want?

2022 Toyota Supra Coated with CQuartz Professional

I hope this article has helped you understand the main reasons why a coating can benefit you. Coatings are good for daily drivers, show cars and everything in between and you have options. Reach out to us with any questions you may have and we'll help you choose the best protection package for your vehicle!


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