Feynlab is a US based manufacturer of ceramic and nano tech coatings and currently the only manufacturer of Self Healing automotive coatings. They have been manufacturing Automotive ceramic coatings for over 15 years and continue to lead the industry today. With and ever expanding line of auto and marine coatings, that offer industry leading performance. In-house research and development and the most complete control over their manufacturing processes, Feynlab sources the highest grade raw materials, and has complete control of manufacturing process from formulation through bottling, labelling and shipping, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

Feynlab Ceramic Lite
Starting at
1-year warranty
durability beyond 2 years
high gloss
excellent Hydrophobic
heal lite
Starting at
5-Year warranty
Extreme gloss
Healing ability
excellent stain resistance
hydrophobic and dirt shedding
All Plastic, Rubber and Vinyl Conditioned with UV Protectant
All Leather Conditioned
Feynlab Top Coat
Add for
Most hydrophobic
soft touch feel
Added gloss, dirt shedding
used on ceramic and Heal Lite
Feynlab Hydro Boat Coating
Starting at
5-Year warranty
Specifically designed for marine use
extreme gloss
extreme stain resistance
Easy Cleaning

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